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S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir

Stockholm, Sweden

S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir with the conductor Gary Graden, performs regularly at concerts and services in S:t Jacobs Church and the Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan). Located in the in the heart of Stockholm, these two churches are a renowned center for church music in Sweden.


The choir´s repertoire consists of a cappella works from a wide range of national styles and periods, as well as larger works for choir and orchestra.


S:t Jacobs Vocal Ensemble

Stockholm, Sweden

S:t Jacobs Vokalensemble (former S:t Jacobs Ungdomskör) is a mixed choir consisting of ca 40 members.


Founded in the autumn of 2007 as a youth choir, the choir was part of a project within the City of Stockholm called “Storstadsprojektet” (eg. “The Cosmopol Project”), organized by the parish of the cathedral of Stockholm...

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